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Complex for the production of high-performance tribal young pigs standard

The investment idea Using the technology of intensive rearing of pigs, allowing maintaining high quality performance combined with minimizing costs and increasing the stock.   Market In Ukraine markets continues to increase the demand for high-quality pork, total consumption is twice the growth potential (up to 25 kg per 1 person per year). The main consumers are and will be Ukraine, Europe and Russia.   Advantages use the best hybrid combinations breeds of pigs compliance with the Animal Welfare (animal welfare standards) automation of the manufacturing process   Competitors Today, main competitors in the Dnipropetrovsk region are pig breeders. The largest are “Agrofirma “Dzerzhinets” LLC, “Agro-Soyuz” LLC, “Sigma” firm and “Agrofirma “Mertadel” LLC.   Product Tribal young pigs - pigs F1 twin-leadFinancial performance Investment volumes $16,8 mln. IRR 30,02% PBP 62 months NPV $9,6 mln.   Proposal to investor   Investments - $ 16.8 million .The ...

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