Financial Instruments

State Investment Company is a licensed renderer of financial services that include loans on favorable terms, state investments into priority projects, co-financing of projects in part and as a whole, as well as administrating sovereign guarantees to secure private investments.


State Investment Company owns a license providing ability to give loans on favorable terms to projects that the company finds secure and of top-priority for the economy.


State Investment Company gives the ability for project owners to find the Company as a co-investor alongside with international funds and private strategic investors.


A unique instrument of the State Investment Company is the ability to invest directly into business and support it with its expertise and personnel.

Sovereign Guarantees

The ability of administration and knowledge for the preparation of sovereign guarantees is a unique and standalone competitive advantage of the State Investment Company.

Investor Servicing

Having strong ties with the State Agency for Investments and National Projects of Ukraine makes the State Investment Company a unique service provider with a holistic approach to facilitating investor’s needs in market entry, landing and operations.

Market Research

Market entry for strategic and portfolio investors needs a backend outstanding market research, which can be generated by the State Investment Company given its wide knowledge of the market.

Site Selection

Landing your business in Ukraine, especially in regions, can become painful without excellent GR enablers from the State Investment Company partnering with the State Agency for Investments and National Projects of Ukraine.

Getting Started

State Investment Company can be a fruitful platform for matchmaking with service providers, organizations and people, and for building your future supply chain.


Often artificial barriers for business arise, as it gets flourishing and successful. The State Investment Company is your advocate to perform troubleshooting and secure your business.

Project Facilitation

With a range of professionals working for the State Investment Company, as well as many partner organizations and sister companies working in different sectors and on different aspects of business, the Company is an excellent provider of services related to creating feasibility studies, performing assessments and bringing projects to success.

Feasibility Studies

State Investment Company can perform a feasibility study for your project for later introduction to international financial organizations, private investors etc. Another opportunity is to get co-financing for your feasibility study from the Company.


Professionals from the State Investment Company can get your project started and going by performing assessment of existing feasibility studies, as well as business plans, master plans and other project documentation, drafting appropriate recommendations for improvement.


If requested by the project owner and/or investor, the State Investment Company may perform straightforward implementation of the project by including it to its own Project Management Office and providing its own resources, expertise and personnel to get the project executed.

Grant Management

As with investment projects, the State Investment Company provides a range of services dedicated to preparing grant (aid) projects, performing fundraising, budgeting and planning, as well as administrating the whole projects or its part.

Drafting Project Proposals

Wide knowledge of project documentation, planning and budgeting granting (aid) projects and programs gives a new prospective for NGOs and organizations to attract the State Investment Company as its service provider in the field.

Project Management

From fundraising to managing programs and projects, the State Investment Company can provide these services and bring aid efficiency, systematization and better understanding to your grand (aid) project or program.

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