About Us

State Investment Company is a five years of success in liaison between investors, businesses and governments. The Company operates under the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine – a unique competitive advantage in GR and troubleshooting.


Our mission is to bridge projects and investors with full support from the government and to be a guarantor for rapid and sustainable development of projects and operations.


With solid background and strong team we possess a top-quality experience. We have excellent GR enablers, vast project DBs and a wide network of partners.


Our vision is that every Ukrainian project finds investments. Essentially, the State Investment Company is a Project Marketplace where project owners and investors meet.

Core Priorities






State Investment Company is a licensed provider of financial services that include loans on favorable terms, state investments into priority projects, co-financing of projects in part and as a whole, as well as administrating sovereign guarantees to secure private investments.

With a range of professionals working for the State Investment Company, as well as many partner organizations and sister companies working in different sectors and on different aspects of business, the Company is an excellent provider of services related to creating feasibility studies, performing assessments and bringing projects to success.

Having strong ties with the State Agency for Investments and National Projects of Ukraine makes the State Investment Company a unique service provider with a holistic approach to facilitating investor’s needs in market entry, landing and operations.

As with investment projects, the State Investment Company provides a range of services dedicated to preparing grant (aid) projects, performing fundraising, budgeting and planning, as well as administrating the whole projects or its part.

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